Thursday, August 03, 2006

Catholic Atrocities

With much mainstream rhetoric about Mel Gibson and his alleged boozed up anti-semitism, let's face it, although I'm very sympathetic to Israel, the man did not lie. Jews and Arabs have been waltzing to this same old song since the beginning of time, and I'm absolutely certain that no political think-tank, or UN Circus, is going to stop it.
The world is condemning Israel and the world fails to see that this is exactly what Iran and Syria want. Why else would they have provoked Israel? Why hasn't Hezbollah been condemned for using women and children as human shields?

Anyone that thinks Israel is guilty of inhumanities.....isn't in tune with current events!

Anyone who has read, "Bury Me Standing," the best-selling gypsy history will find a treasure of living history in the gypsy culture. The gypsies have a long history in Europe. It is estimated that they left India as a group of nomads around 900 a.d. reaching Persia in 950 and Petit Egypt 1230.

By 1370 the gypsies, or GITANs as they are called in France, were totally enslaved in Romania. They arrived in Stes. Maries-de-la-Mer in 1438 and Spain in 1539. While most of the family groups still speak a mix of Romanian and Sanskrit, those from Spain speak Spanish , and get this...why do they speak spanish?

The Catholics cut out their tongues during the Inquisition so they couldn’t speak Romanian.

That's just the tip of the iceberg...the "Witches Hammer", which is the bible of the inquisition, details a large amount of information concerning the Catholic Church and it's methods of exacting confessions from women and children.

Israel is defending it's right as a sovereign nation, If I were a Lebanese, I think I would be getting the hell out of the way!!

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