Monday, September 11, 2006

The Cricket and The Beer Bottle

There must be some kind of planetary vibe going on with my Saggitarian first house, because for the past few days, I have slipped into a philosophical mode, looking at daily, ordinary events from a metaphorical standpoint.
Over the weekend, while sitting on my patio, just enjoying the evening, listening to the birds as they began to wind down from their daily chirping, something very odd happened.
Not really a partaker of alcohol, but on occasion, I enjoy drinking "a" beer, and had finished it, leaving it on the patio table.
Although, our torches were burning, to keep away the NC State Birds (Mosquitos), an energetic little cricket had managed to hop onto the table.
Crickets are really strange insects, with the male being the one that does all of the annoying chirping! According to my research, they have two melodies that they use, the louder chirp is for calling females and telling other male crickets to "bug off"! The softer chirp is the "courting chirp", when the male cricket is wooing the female.
After watching the cricket for awhile, I left the patio shortly and returned later to find that the cricket had managed to find it's way onto the mouth of the beer bottle that I had left sitting on the table.
Well, it turns out that this cricket was a male, as it started chirping very loudly and suddenly slipped into the opening, falling into the beer bottle.
Sucks to be Jimmy! Should have been with Miss Katydid and you'd be here today!
After several futile attempts to retrieve the cricket, he succomed to a lethal dose of alcohol.

Philosophical: Alcohol is a deadly drug for a bug!

Note: Count the chirps of a cricket for 15 seconds, and add 39, that's the farenheit temperature!

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