Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Total Eclipse - March 29, 2006

On March 29, 2006 we will experience a total eclipse of the Sun which will be visible from within a narrow corridor which traverses half the Earth. The path of the Moon's umbral shadow begins in Brazil and extends across the Atlantic, northern Africa, and central Asia where it ends at sunset in western Mongolia. A partial eclipse will be seen within the much broader path of the Moon's penumbral shadow, which includes the northern two thirds of Africa, Europe, and central Asia.

This Eclipse of March 29, 2006, will have major impact on all signs, astrologically speaking. The eclipse will fall in the sign of "Aries" at about 9 degrees.

The three days, before, during and after the eclipse, are strongest for that specific eclipse with reference to this New Moon resides or transits in your birth chart. This eclipsed area will show what part of your life - personal self, income, education, home, love life, work, health, partnerships (marriage, business, personal), debts, others' assets, real estate, travel, career, friends, hopes, wishes, your deep inner subconscious self, or even self-undoing - is awakened, challenged, or where more attention is needed. Eclipses occur in sets and the period of October 3, 2005 is now culminating on March 29, 2006. Issues dominant during the last eclipse, ( ie., October 3, 2005) will now become eclipted ( foreshadowed) with the Aries Eclipse involving a new set of planets.

The exact moment of the Solar Eclipse is most important, but the transits surrounding the eclipse shed some light on the things you may want to do to improve your current and future situation in those areas during this

Ordinarily an eclipse shows us what will be "shut down," opening other lights and activities in our lives. This one will be even more important in its influence, due to Pluto going stationary retrograde that day. When any outer planet goes stationary retrograde or direct, major global events follow. This Eclipse ushers in long term, far reaching transformative influences, purifying us of outmoded life material while bringing forth more potent spiritual potential. All will be dramatically transformed from this eclipse, completely serving the greater good in each of us and the world at large.

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