Friday, May 12, 2006

Americans Are Crossing Into Mexico to Look for Better Jobs

NOGALES, Mexico___Armed Mexican vigilantes are patrolling the Mexico-Arizona desert border region to prevent crossings from the USA into Mexico by Americans seeking a better life.
Pedro Lopez, head of Mexicanos No Gringos, which has set up surveillance posts along the desert crossing, says, "Americanos try to get into Mexico to take our good jobs, buy cheap tequilla and gas, find putas in Juarez, escape Bush's dictatorship, and they send our pesos back to their poor families in Idaho."
Lopez twirled his mustache. "They never learn our language and eat white bread instead of tortillias!"
Fred Jones, an undocumented resident of Mexico City, who entered the country from the USA in 1989 and picks tomatoes at a local farm said, "My children were born here and are legal Mexican citizens! We reverse wetbacks are planning to stage huge protest marches throughout Mexican cities to become legal citizens of this great democracy, We work hard and take jobs the Mexicans won't do, like run motels and operate convenience stores

Source: Art Candell

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