Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mom's Day to ME and Every Mom In The World!!!

What is a Mother? She's probably the only "best" friend you will ever have in your lifetime. She is the person that stays awake at night until you return home from your dates....who lies awake in anguish and worry when she hears siren's blaring out in the night. She is the one that loves you no matter what, whether you are wrong or right, guilty or innocent....she's your Mom.

She is exquisitely designed and is loaded with features like a super hard resilient shell that allows her to put up with backtalk, sassiness, and blatant rudeness at times, a superb mind of logic equipped to deal with most acts of rebelliousness, a front end loader that forces you to be neat or frustrates you until you bend...and above all a giant heart that has all the compassion in the world to comfort you when you are unhappy, sick or about to give up on your goals.

My Mother died years ago, and I would give anything to hear her voice, look into her eyes, or touch her hand.

We tend to get so caught up with our families and daily lives, that we forget that Mom is still around....but when we are all grown up with our own families, it seems our Mothers are only with us for such a short time. Don't wait until Mother's day to show her how much she means to you. Maybe you have hostility stemming from resentment or issues with your Mother that need to be addressed. Whether she is here or not, today is a good day to release those negative vibes and give her a call if she's alive or say a prayer if she isn't.

Mother's are very special....they are the "vehicle" you arrived in, on this plane of existence. You take care of your personal vehicle that transports you to your job each day!!

Think of all of the things that your Mom does to irritate, annoy, make you laugh or cry. One day you will long for those things. Believe me, that will happen some day. So treasure your Mother not only on holidays, but everyday!

This goes for husbands as well....especially to those working Mom's

Happy Mother's Day!

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