Monday, October 24, 2005

American By Birth, Southern By The Grace of God

What's it like growing up in the South, well, fiddle-de-dee, it's just plumb awesome being a southerner. We don't have to shovel too much snow, although, it's purt near about as cold as a Witch's Tit, right now. Shoot, just yesterdy I was prancin around in shorts and a T, yet today I bundled up with a sweat and jeans. I suppose Ol Wilma, pissed because she sort of wilted from that Mexican Vacation, missed slam dunking the Habitat for Homosexuals (Key West), just exhaled in frustration and shot that cold air right up here in North Carolina.

Southerners think that God wanted to put a little heaven on
earth and picked the Southern United States as the spot, with gorgeous beaches and exquisite mountain's. North Carolina has one of the most beautiful coastlines on the east coast.
Bodacious, sexy men, and the sweetest honey-dripping gals you'd ever wanna meet. Strong as the Mighty Oak and Sweet as the Honeysuckle!

People from the West and North tend to ridicule us and make fun, saying that we talk funny, which is just plain silly, because we think they talk funny, too.
The English have their Fish and Chips, and the Southern folks munch out on Moonpie's and RC Cola's. Some even unload a pack of peanuts in the RC add to the snack's food group!

Barbecue, Country Style Steak, Fried Chicken and the seafood that would bring forth King Neptune...A Southern Breakfast is not complete without a steaming pot of Grit's, Country Ham with red-eye gravy, Scrambled eggs with sharp cheddar cheese, hot buiscits made from scratch, butter, apple butter or preserves you put up the year before.

Speaking of Grit's...That's also a Pseudonym for Southern Ladies, G.R.I.T.S (Girls Raised In The South) the next time you yankee fella's want to poke fun at grits, watch out who you're standing next to!

Charlotte, North Carolina is the home of the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Nascar is a favorite past-time of Southerners and the home of a few NASCAR Favorites!

Ever wondered how Southern you really are? Maybe you're living in "NEW YORK CITY", but you never know, there's a little bit of Southern in everybody....don't believe me, Take the Test

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