Thursday, June 08, 2006

Saga of the Shaved Puss!

It all started several months ago, when I was adopted by my master's sister. So I move to a new home with her husband, about a hundred miles away.
I'm pu-r-r-r-fectly sure that my owners husband didn't really care for the "Feline Species", or at least that's what he initially told her at the early stages of their relationship. He's a "Canine Fella", you know the kind...."Man's Best Friend", "Woof Woof" and all that Jazz!
This attitude would seriously intimidate most Cats, making them extremely uncomfortable.
I said, "most Cats"...not this one... basically, I
just closed my eyes, and began to think of ways to convince this person that I was definately going to be the "Queen Kitty" of his castle and he'd better get use to it!

As for my new mistress, she being a cat-lover from a child, still greived her long lost "Lucifurr", who evidently has passed on by this time, leaving behind only a melancholy memory. It's said that he just wandered into her life one day on the banks of the Pamlico Sound in Chocowinity, North Carolina. It was evening, and while she stood at the water's edge he appeared and immediately captured her heart. He traveled with her to a new place called Wilmington, where he resided with her until the end of her marriage. She saw him once more, driving through the old neighborhood, on Halloween. He got into her car, visited for a few minutes and left to join friends, never to be seen again.

It didn't take long for me to adapt to my new home or the owners to adapt to me, even the questionable "Cat-Hater"!

Let's just say, I used my charm and wit, making sure that I greeted this creature daily, when he arrived home from where ever it is that he goes each day. My charm was working great, because he always spoke to me, sometimes reaching down to rub my head.

Finally, I knew that I had captured his affection, when he arrived at the home one evening with a Cat Condo, a bag of cat toys and scrumptious cat treats that would enrapture the palate of any feline.

Woe is me..., I'm so fat, that I can't even fit into my condo....Alas, he took it back and bought himself something instead....Jerk! Nonetheless, it wasn't long before I developed a rapport with my new owners, and discovered all the really neat chilling places...such as the colorful, gorgeous velvet sofa!

You see, my previous owner allowed me to run aloof....sometimes going out at night and returning when I chose to. My buddies all lived outdoors, some homeless and did we ever rule the neighborhood. We had a new adventure everyday! After my previous mistress passed away, I didn't get as much attention, as her husband was an avid golfer, and not around too much. Let's face it...Male Creatures are not "Nurturers, like us females"! So I had "Mats"....quite a bad case, if I say so myself. Us Persians tend to get them if we are not groomed on a regular basis.

So you see, I'm not really that "Fat", just a lot of hair that hasn't been groomed for some time...I'm actually svelte, maybe a few pounds need to be shed...after all, I'm a female and I tend to bloat at times.!

My new master was turning out to be an "Alright Dude", coining a human phrase. He immediately became interested not only in my getting the proper nourishment but making sure that I had the right "Cat Cosmetics" to make me the truly beautiful lady that I was meant to be!

Along with my new owners, there was another person that lived in our home. It was the younger son of my mistress. He didn't seem to interested in me, but would occasionally rub my head and speak to me. Little did I know that soon our closeness would result in a traumatic experience for the both of us.

It all started with the Master...."Why don't you give her a bath"! Good Bast! Don't they know that cats deplore water.....what does he think I am.....a dog? Woof, Woof....Wrong!

That night was an experience I would like to forget....first of all, someone told this young strapping boy that bathing a cat could be extremely hazardous....potentially causing serious injury to the "bather". So he, along with a friend, prepares themselves taking what they deem necessary precautionary measures to avoid any mishaps. They dress in long sleeve sweatshirts and jeans, put on gloves and carry me into the enclosed shower stall at the rear of the house. Talk about "Close Quarters", nobody can hardly move, I'm afraid they are going to step on me and I'm freezing from the wet fur, loaded with a strange smelling concoction that has formed bubbles all over me. All I could do is stand there....wailing at the top of my feline lungs!

The younger boy reaches down and massages me, rubbing the mixture all through my coat....making sure he get's me completely saturated. Then he reaches up and turns on the water which explodes in tiny sprays, rinsing the mixture off and disappearing into a few holes at the bottom. "Am I going to be sucked into those little holes as well". This was a rather eery that I would not care to embark on again.

Afterwards, they wrapped me in what they called a "Towel" and left me standing in the room for awhile....shivering. Then the mistress finally enters and grabs this device that blows air....and commences to blow the warm air on my body. At this point in time, I'm way too tired to fight....all the energy has drained out of my body. The shower did all I could do was just lay there and "Let the Good Times Roll"!

From that point on, I received daily brushings, combings, tiny clippings of mats that could be removed....but my hair problem was more problematic. The mats just weren't coming out like everyone expected....even with all of the hair products my mistress started to use on me. Leave In Conditioners, Detanglers, she had them all, but nothing seemed to give her the satisfaction she needed. I swear, everytime I looked at that woman, she had a pair of scissors or my brush and comb in her hand and was making a mad dash for me. Forget hiding, she would retreive matter what. This woman was on a mission.

Ultimately, someone mentioned "Why don't you use Clippers"? The Master of the house, said....No, I wouldn't do it, let the Vet do it....that's it, we'll take her to the vet and get her clipped!..... Like I said, this woman was on a mission and nothing was going to stop her...I knew it, why didn't the master know it!

Anyway, she began using the clipper devices on me, shearing all the fur from my stages.

This is how I looked before my encounter with the buzzing device, called Clippers!

Albeit, with good intentions, being the determined woman she is, my mistress doesn't stop here but continues on....with determination.

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