Saturday, June 10, 2006

It dawned on me after my second cup of coffee that from the beginning of time, man has never wanted to accept blame. They always need a scapegoat.

There are two stories recorded in the book of Genesis that tell of the supposedly "Fruit" incident. Both are complete contradictions. So.....what do we believe?

It's written in scripture, Prove all things; hold fast to that which is good." I Thessalonians.

That appeals to me intellectually and spiritually, for I have a problem with clergy of today that tell us that we must accept every written word in the bible upon faith.

Historically speaking, there is no evidence that Jesus ever wrote anything down, and the New Testament of the bible was created by the Patriarchs of Alexandria who designed and created Catholicism to direct the Pagans into the church for control purposes.

However, going back to the verse in I Thessalonians, it is necessary that we take into account, when attempting to derive information from ancient scripture, to consider the history and culture of the times.

If I wrote a modern-day bible, with anecdotes and tales of the daily lives of our people of the 21st century, our future generation would nonetheless be in the same position we are in today if they knew nothing of our culture.

We have political issues, war issues, drug issues, cultural issues, gender-specific issues and many more that would cause extreme confusion to a future generation that knew nothing of our society as a whole.

And what would make matters worse, would be to have several unknown's writing contradictory accounts of events that had taken place at one place in time. This is what I truly believe happened in the book of Genesis that layed the foundation for the ultimate denigration of the Woman and has been a stumbling block to women from the beginning of time.

Man must quit blaming women for their competitive disadvantages and do that which they were designed to do. Work hard, make a lot of money, and allow the women to take care of everything else.

Imagine a world like that....economically sound, peaceful, gentle, caring and flourishing. Women as lawmakers...

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