Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Astrological Moment - Mercury Retrograde

For those that are familiar with the "Mystehaven" or "Wylde Orchid" website, it's rather odd that I have not mentioned "Astrology" in my postings. Let's just say I have been on a hiatus from "StarGazing" for awhile...!!

I'm a firm believer that we are the masters of our fate and the captain of our destiny cruiseline. "The Wise Man Rules His Stars, A Fool Obeys Them"....

Still, a bit of the science of Astrology doesn't hurt, after all,

Mercury, the planet of communication, travels closely with the Sun and, is usually in the same house. Currently, Mercury and the Sun are in the sign of Cancer (Crab), with Mercury retrograde at 29 degrees.

Mercury retro'd on July 4, 2006 and will remain in retrograde motion until July 29, 2006. What does that mean? Well, as they say in Tennessee..."It's Goin Backerds"!
Actually, the planet is not really going backwards, it only appears to be.
In our Solar System, everything continues to travel in an ecliptic forward motion. As I previously stated, the retrograde planet does not suddenly reverse in motion and go backwards; it only appears to. As these planets decrease in longitudinal motion (as viewed from earth), they appear first to slow down....if you could imagine two trains passing each other. If you are sitting in the faster train, you will at first feel that the slower train isn't moving, and then you will all of a sudden think that the slower train is moving backwards....get it?

Experiencing delays, miscommunication, computer problems, mail not arriving on time or getting lost in the shuffle, and is blamed on just about anything and everything when it is retro. It's not really a good time to become involved in major purchases, signing contracts, or making important decisions....WAIT until it goes direct!

Concerning Cancer, the ruler of the moon, if you consider the tides of the ocean, you can understand the surging and ebbing of emotions that a Cancerian native goes through. Cancer is a conservative, feminine sign, with changeable moods. Cancer's are born worriers, so I would suggest that whatever you are more concerned about at this point in time....just relax and wait until the 30th and things will be better!

All of the planets travel at a different speed...for example, Venus takes 224 1/2 days to complete one orbit of the sun, Mars takes 22 months, the Sun of course, one year to complete the cycle of the Zodiak, (Mazzaroth-Biblical), The Moon travels through the signs in 28 days...thereby being associated with the "Feminine" and her cycles.
Mercury actually stimulates the mind to delve into the affairs of the particular house it is in. For me, it's the 8th house, dealing with "Joint Resources", Hidden talents, any resources other than personal.

What does retrograde mean? As they say in Tennessee...."It's goin backerds"!
Mercury is the "mind" and our capacity to collect, sort, classify and communicate the knowledge we gain through our day to day experiences. It also analyzes and throws out what is not important. When Mercury goes Retrograde (Rx), it indicates that the mind is taking an introspective moment...with the tendency to go back over previously learned lessons or experiences.

In other words, the thought processes are in the subconscious mind, rather that up front in the conscious mind. It's generally like the "New Moon Syndrome"...not a time of action but a time to plan, wait and proceed with your course of action when it goes direct. Don't sign contracts, make large purchases, or any decision concerning buying, selling or dealing with legalities when Mercury is retrograde....So sit tight and wait to buy that Hummer on July 30th!

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