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Sign's Signs Everywhere Signs....

What's your sign? I'm a Scorpio with Sun at 8.50 in the 11th, a Pisces Moon in the 4th ,Sagittarius Rising, Venus in the first, Mars in the 9th with Saturn not making an aspect, Uranus in the 7th and Jupiter in the 2nd...oh yeah, I've got Pluto in the 8th house! My Pluto usually makes people in the know take a few steps back!!!

What does that mean? If you're an astrologer....Figure it out, for non-astrologers, it's the blueprint of my soul's journey on earth, in so many words!

In other words, this is not something that I's been around for ages...

People really confuse the word "Church" with a building, a group of people, etc....and that is not what it means.

The problem with so many in today’s church is their failure to see themselves as needing to come out. They exist, having a form of godliness, but denying its power: (2 Tim 3:5 NKJ), which was basically the same mode of thinking dominating the religious people 2000 years ago, when Jesus walked the earth.

People during that period of time, saw themselves as already out, separated and holy because they did not associate with heathens.

Jesus associated with "Heathens", "Lowlife", "Homeless".... He wasn't tapping out with the social aristocrats of the Judaic Society...or Hanging out with the Hed's (Sanhedrin)...he was with the poor, the downtrodden, namely the "SINNERS"!!!

In my opinion, I shy away from those people-types that call themselves christians, which mean's "Christ-like"! Just read the newspaper, the entire majority of child murderers either had a mentor professing "Christianity" or claimed that "God" whispered to them to "Kill Your Child"...or most have been affiliated with a "Christian Church"...I've done the research!

In 2006, two families affiliated with St Matthews Catholic Church in Charlotte, are victims of child homicide....parents killing children, goes to the same church, practically, resides in the same vicinity! Hello?

The way I see it...What good is having someone who can walk on water if you don't follow in their footsteps?

Mahatma Ghandi, whose teachings inspired Martin Luther King, Jr was committed to truth and non-violence even in extreme situations....some of the rest of the world could learn a thing or two from his of my favorite quotes from him:

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."_____Mahatma Ghandi

The people during Jesus' times had so perverted the ways of God by adding to and subtracting from His Word that they did not recognize their own Messiah who was the Word made flesh; the Word as it had proceeded from the mouth of God, not as it became through their traditions.

The way I see it, the "Scribes and Pharisees" who made a habit of changing the Word of God resulted in not being able to recognize Jesus at His first coming. What about the present day churches and denominations? If you do the research, you will find that the bible has been edited since it was first published and those that have chosen to add a little here, take away this or that, are also guilty of changing God’s word. Will they recognize Jesus at His second coming?

What denomination are you? For example, are you Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran Methodist, Freewill, Southern Baptist, Pentecostal, Charismatic, etc... Concerning Religion, there is a rule of thumb that I use...

Founded by "God", then it's a "Religion".
Founded by "Man", it's a "Cult".

Founders and World Membership

1457- United Brethren (Moravians):Huss, Founder
1517- Lutherans: Martin Luther, Founder, - 75 million.
1519- Anabaptists: Grebel, Founder (after Ulrich Zwingli).
1534- Church of England: Henry VIII, Founder - 70 m.
1536- Calvinism: John Calvin, Founder
1560- Presbyterians: J. Knox, Founder (Calvin)- 35 m.
1570- Puritans: T. Cartwright, Founder
1582- Congregationalism: R. Brown, Founder
1605- Baptists: John Smith (Zwingli), Founder's- 45 million
1620- Episcopalians: S. Seabury (Henry VIII), Founder- 3m
1654- Quakers: Fox, Founder- 0.2 million.
1741- Shakers: Ann Lee, Founder- 0.03 million.
1744- Methodists: J and C. Wesley, Founder- 29 million.
1774- Unitarians: T. Lindsay, Founder
1800- Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)- 2m.
1830- Mormons: Joseph Smith, Founder- 7 million.
1846- Adventists: W. Miller, Founder- 5 million.
1852- Jehovah's Witnesses: C.Russel, Founder- 3 million.
1865- Salvation Army: M. Jones, Founder- 1 million.
1879- Christian Science: Mary Baker, Founder- 1 million.
1900- Pentecostals: C.F. Parham, Founder- 58 million.
1934- Worldwide Ch. of God: Armstrong, Founder- .05.
1954- Moonies: Sun M. Moon, Founder - 2 million.
1957- United Church of Christ- 2 million.
1969- Children of God: David "Mo" Berg, Founder - .008.

Membership in the USA (Congregations in Parentheses)
Catholic- 59,858,042 (19,787 congregations).
Baptist- 36,433,523 (95,601).
Methodist- 14,285,851 (53,235).
Pentecostal- 10,281,559 (41,165).
Lutheran- 8,350,212 (19,153).
Mormons- 4,672,850 (11,071).
Presbyterian- 4,273,721 (14,306).
Churches of Christ- 3,679,736 (22,553).
Episcopal- 2,504,682 (7,388).
Reformed Churches- 2,079,634 (7,965).
Orthodox (Eastern)- 1,885,346 (1,482).
Jehovah's Witnesses- 926,614 (9,985).
Adventist- 794, 859 (4,696).
Church of Christ, Scientist- 700,000 (2,400).
Church of the Nazarene- 591,134 (5,161).
International Council- 500,000 (423).
Salvation Army- 446,403 (1,151).
Christian and Missionary Alliance- 302,414.
Churches of God- 267,676 (3,061).
Mennonite- 249,798 (2,656).
Evangelical Free Church- 226,391 (1,202).
Brethren Churches- 218,905 (1,800).
Christian Congregation- 112,437 (1,437).
Quakers, Friends Churches- 84,407 (1,074).
Other Christian churches- 753,550 (5,228).
Jews- 5,981,000 (3,416).
Muslims- 3,000,000
Buddhist- 19,441 (67).

I'm basically a "Debbist" with an inclination toward "Gnosticism", which is considered to be as old as humanity itself. Gnostics consider themselves "people in the know. They believe that they are the elect, similar to the "Jewish People" in that respect, the soul being fragments of the "Divine", awaiting liberation from matter, and the power of the planets. Gnostics believe that God is within the self, as well as outside the body in life itself. A Gnostics ultimate desire is to attain first hand knowledge..."The Truth" they may be freed from this world and return to the world of God. In John 8:32, Jesus said "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free"....Yes, I think Jesus was Gnostic!! He sure as heck wasn't a "Christian"!

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