Friday, July 14, 2006

Site Referral

Everyone is hopefully concerned about the events that are transpiring in the world as we name a few

1. Israel Crisis with Lebanon
2. War in Iraq
2. Bombings in India
3. NK Kim Jong II and his personality disorder
4. Iran Nuclear Issue
5. Somalia
6. California Wildfires
7. Parent's Killing Children
The list appears to be growing by the moment so it sparked my interest to do a little surfing on the web.

As I surfed I ran across a site that was very interesting with a lot of information on world events past, present and to speak.

You can access the site at the following address:

Please visit and leave your comments here, I'd be interested in getting other views on this.

I will be posting this on the Carolina Newsbeat Blog as well, so if you post here, you don't have to add comments twice.

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