Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tom Cruise worships Lucifer say Christians!

(Hollywood, CA) With Scientology making headlines recently and actor Tom Cruise being the most vocal adherent, a Christian group ‘The Resistance’ is trying to help people learn the truth about what they say is a satanic cult.

L. Ron Hubbard was a known student of the infamous Satanist, Aleister Crowley, who actually wrote instructions for human sacrifices in his book Magick: In Theory and Practice.

“Yes, Tom Cruise worships Satan. I don’t say this as an insult, or as an ad hominem attack. I seriously and literally mean he worships Satan, although most occultists, call him Lucifer the light bearer.

In the Garden of Eden, Satan said if Man took the forbidden fruit that he would become just like god, actually becoming equal to God, and that is what occultists people believe.

They believe they themselves, are gods” explains Mark Dice, author of ‘The Resistance Manifesto.’ And the beliefs get even more bizarre, and dangerous.

Scientology is the creation of 20th century science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, whose book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health was published in 1950 beginning the doctrine of Scientology. Hubbard and his work received tremendous criticism from the mental health community as being blatantly false.

With Tom Cruise, and now apparently Katie Holmes being involved in Scientology, ‘The Resistance’ is worried that these Hollywood celebrities are sucking confused and spiritually starved people into a satanic cult.

Dice addresses Tom directly saying, “If you want a real religion, try going to a Christian Church, Tom, it’s free.”

“Sometimes I find it hard not to laugh at how silly Scientology is, but it’s really a serious satanic cult, and is deceiving lower level members as to the organization’s real motives and beliefs. Scientology is a secret society, similar to other occult hierarchies such as the Freemasons, Skull and Bones.”

Mark Dice is the author of ‘The Resistance Manifesto’ and an activist in The Resistance. The group’s website is www.TheResistanceManifesto.com ‘The Resistance’ is a global movement of Christians dedicated to preserving the true Christian faith and resisting the erosion of morals in society, and in the media.

Contact: Mark Dice
Email: Mark@TheResistanceManifesto.com

Friday, June 22, 2007

Suck It Up Bitch!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summertime....and the living is easy!

Summer Solstice(June 21)The timing of the summer solstice depends on when the Sun reaches its farthest point north of the equator. This occurs annually sometime between June 20 and 22. This year, it occurs exactly at 2:06 P.M. EDT, heralding the beginning of summer. The word solstice is from the Latin sol (sun) and stitium (to stop), reflecting the fact that the Sun appears to stop at this time (and again at the winter solstice).

Midsummer DAY (June 24)Midsummer Eve and Midsummer Day are considered sacred to lovers.On Midsummer Eve, pick seven different wildflowers, and then walk home silently and backward. Place the flowers under your pillow and dream of your future husband.In Lithuanian tradition, the dew on Midsummer Day morning was said to make young girls beautiful and old people look younger. It was also thought that walking barefoot in the dew would keep your skin from getting chapped.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Joss Stone Speaks Out

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Devil Wears Prada And So Do Country Gals!

The Devil Wears Prada and..... of course, Carolina's American Idol Reject, Kellie Pickler following after her Role-Model, Dolly....get's a set of new boobs and not only dons the Red High Heel's but manages to record a hit Single...."Red High Heels!
The Pope looks rather dashing in his red ruby slippers, and they are a nice compliment to the Gold....but he needs to lose that funky "Imperial Wizard" hat!
Also, perhaps a pair of Michael Jackson Glitter socks would also add to the regality of his outerwear!
So, I would say that Red shoes are definately in this year!
Actually, I believe the Pope is wearing "Gucci"!